Upcoming Events at Seneca Free Library

Wednesday June 30: The last Preschool Story Time of the summer. Snakes will be the subject to fit the Tails and Tales theme. This program is for toddler through Kindergarten students. SIGN UP IS REQUIRED,  there is a limit of 40 people in attendance.
We’ve added two Youth Art Days to the calendar. Space is limited to 12 students per class. SIGN UP IS REQUIRED and spots are filling up quickly.
The first Youth Art Day is Tuesday June 29. Sign up for the Thursday July 8th class will begin after the June classes are complete.
The schedule will be the same for both days: 4th ~ 6th grades will be from 9:00~10:30 AM and 1st~3rd grades will be from 1:00~2:30 PM. **Children should wear their ART clothes.

Sign up continues until June 30 for all age groups for Summer Reading. All age groups include toddler/lap readers to age 19 and up! Stop in to find out more about downloading the ReaderZone app to track what your family is reading. Everyone has until July 31 to reach their reading goals. These hot days are good for finding a cool place to relax and read, read, read. Beginning July 1 readers can pick up their animal tickets that will admit them to our Celebration Ice Cream Party on August 5. To qualify for the party readers must either finish and record 20 books or read for 8 hours (480 minutes). ReaderZone is busy keeping track 24 hours a day. More details about the ice cream party will come later.

Week of June 13 ~ June 19 @ SFL ~ A BIG WEEK AT THE LIBRARY!



Tuesday June 15: Mad Science will be in town. This program is for students who have finished grade 1 and older. Space is limited to 30 in our Community Room. Call us at 785-336-2377 or stop in ahead of time to save a place for your children.

Wednesday June 16:  Preschool Story Time! Sign up is REQUIRED this year due to COVID-19. Space is limited to 40 people per session. Adults, please call 785-336-2377 to enroll your children, up to 5 people per group. You will need to call each week you want to attend. Preschool Story Time is for toddlers through Kindergarten students. We ask that you leave strollers and wagons outside the library.  Story Time will begin at 10:30, in our Community Room.

Thursday June 17: Our last performer of the summer is Dan, Dan the Magic Man! This program will be held at Nemaha Central Elementary & Middle School at 110 N. 11th St., in Seneca. There are no limits, no sign up required. Children should be accompanied by an adult. The program begins at 10:30. Don’t be late!

We are using the Reader Zone app again this summer for logging books and time read. Same app as last summer but different code and guidelines. Stop by the library to get all the details!

Week of June 6-12, 2021

Preschool Story Time

We are excited to host in person programs again this summer! We made plans with Covid-19 precautions in mind, so there are a few changes to be aware of. But we sure do like having kids and families coming into the library this year!

Preschool Story Time is for toddlers through Kindergarten students. This year we are limiting the number of people attending, so please call ahead at 785-336-2377 to reserve your spot. We remembered to get pictures of the group Wednesday June 9.

Peter and Penelope: Balloon Animal Adventures

Our first in person summer reading program in 2 years was a great success! This year we are hosting the live events at Nemaha Central Elementary & Middle School Gym, to give our patrons room to safely spread out.

In The News!

May of 2020 the Ensign Horse Fountain was moved back to Main St.

In May of 2020, while the world was shut down, the City of Seneca managed to move the old Ensign Horse Fountain back to Main St. But that was just the beginning of the transformation of the fountain. Open the link below to read the story the National Humane Alliance Foundation shared on their website:


Leave Your Food Pantry Donations Here

What a blessing to live among such generous people. Thank you to everyone who donates to the Food Pantry.

Time to deliver the goods to the Food Pantry and make room for more donations!

It’s June and we have decided to highlight personal care items such as shampoo, deodorant, bar soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. We are also collecting dish soap.

Here is a full list of items each family receives, each month:

1 breakfast item, 4 cans of vegetables, 1 can beans, 1 package of rice, 1 pasta and sauce, 1 jar of peanut butter, 1 box of crackers, 2 cans of fruit, 1 can of tuna or chicken, 2 cans of soup, 1 dessert, and a pound of meat.

 These items are always needed at the Food Pantry. We focus on particular items each month as a way to bring attention to the need:  Paper products [toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex], personal products, boxed cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix, syrup, canned vegetables, rice, pasta and sauce, peanut butter, boxed crackers, canned fruit, canned tuna, canned chicken, boxed tuna and chicken helper, canned soups, jello and pudding mixes, cookies, cake mixes and frosting, pie mix, etc. They also accept laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, bath soap.

We have the cart near our door to make it handy for you to leave your donations. Thank you for your support.

Summer Reading Plans Released

Summer Reading is in the air!

We are busy making plans and getting all the supplies gathered we will need for Story Time. There is a lot that goes into preparing fun crafts for little ones! We will have Preschool Story Time on Wednesdays June 2, 9, 16, and 30 in the Library Community Room, BUT attendance numbers will be limited to 40 people per session and registration will be required.

We will have two live all-age programs this year. To ensure that attendees can spread out, the programs will be held in the Nemaha Central Elementary School gym.

Mad Science will present a program for grade schoolers who have finished first – fifth grades. Attendance is limited to 30 and registration is required. Complete details and program dates and times will be posted soon.

Because Covid-19 is still in the county we will follow guidelines concerning distance and personal safety. The library staff and board members talked about our options at length. The health and welfare of our patrons and community members is very important to us. It will be important to check our website and social media as program dates get closer to make sure there are no changes.

The library will be using Reader Zone again this year to keep track of our patron’s reading. There will be a different code this year and some new instructions also. All of the information will be available when sign up begins as soon as school is out on Thursday, May 20. We will have a program and activity schedule to hand out at that time.

PLEASE NOTE: Preschool Story Time will be on WEDNESDAYS! NOT Tuesdays. The dates are correct, we apologize for the confusion.

Binge Boxes Now Available in NEXT Catalog!

Most of us can admit guilt to binge watching, whether it be NetFlix, Hulu, PBS, or your personal stash of DVDs. Sometimes these movies spark interest or memories of other features you want to watch again. And, sometimes you just want to binge on a certain actor or actress or movie genre. The NEXT shared catalog has a great feature just for you – BINGE BOX. Binge boxes usually contain four to six titles based on a subject, person, or genre. Live Action Disney Classics, volume 1 has six fabulous movies from the early days. They are Treasure Island, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Incredible Journey, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit, The Barefoot Executive, and The Apple Dumpling Gang. Anyone remember seeing these in theaters or on Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights? Have a blast from the past with your grandkids! There are Binge Boxes Eddie Murphy, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, and Keanu Reeves, plus more. You can find comedy, horror, military, chick flicks, rom-coms, and even documentaries. Thinking about going on a cruise. Don’t check out Don’t Go Into the Water, which contains Jaws, 47 Meters Down, The Meg, The Shallows, and The Deep Blue Sea.

To find these gems, type Binge Box into the search bar, and a list of hundreds – yes, hundreds – of titles will come up. Click on the title in blue and the contents will be shown. Or, don’t click on the title and just be surprised by what you get to watch. Have questions? Just ask the librarians.




Seneca Free Library does not charge fines for overdue materials; that does not mean overdue items are consequence free. Library items are accessible to all. When items do not get returned, the rest of us are denied the opportunity to use them. Kansas law states items 30 days or more overdue can be considered theft, which is a misdemeanor. The Seneca Free Library Board of Trustees updated the overdue policy December 16, 2020. Patrons will be notified in writing when an item is 21 days overdue. At 35 days overdue our circulation software will automatically disbar the patron. If an item is still overdue at 45 days it will be automatically marked lost.The only way to remove the blocked status is to return the items and/or pay the replacement cost(s). POLICY CHANGE: If an item becomes 46 days overdue the patron will automatically be assessed a $20.00 fee that is non-negotiable. Even if the items are returned, the fee must be paid. Please, bring your items back on time.

Library Giving Day

The day to celebrate #LibraryGivingDay is April 07, 2021
Library Giving Day started as an idea generated by the Seattle Public Library Foundation. The concept was to create a national day of giving that public libraries would rally around and that the public would embrace. So, Seattle Public Library partnered with their strategic library fundraising partner, Carl Bloom Associates, to turn the idea into a reality.
#LibraryGivingDay is a one-day fundraising event with the goal of encouraging people who depend on and enjoy public libraries to donate to their individual library system. And in turn, that support will go toward the incredible programs, services and materials provided by local libraries all over the country.
HOW TO GIVE:  Click on our logo below, then look for  GIVE NOW to make a donation. Be sure to choose SENECA FREE LIBRARY from the drop down menu. As we know, public libraries are known for books and research materials, but they also offer many programs that promote lifelong learning, connect patrons to technology, and advance our knowledge.
Here is a snapshot of what happened at your library in 2020:

{text copied from librarygivingday.org}