Library Donations

Library Donations

Your Contribution Matters!

It takes time, people, and resources to make any community effort possible. At Seneca Free Library we pride ourselves on finding the best Board of Directors, Library Director, and Staff to serve the needs of our community and library patrons. We maintain regularly scheduled hours and do our best to maintain availability of materials and resources even when circumstances make doing so challenging. Our director and board evaluate our financial resources carefully and make sure every dollar spent is a dollar that benefits the community and our patrons, be it staffing, lending materials, programming for education and entertainment, online resources, and library facilities.

Your contribution, be it financial, donated materials, parental supervision for summer programs, or even just participation in activities and daily circulation make it possible to keep our programs and lending resources growing, thriving, and available to patrons and community members just like you. You make a difference, and we thank you for all that you offer to keep our library great.

Financial Donations and Memorial Funds

We have a partnership with the Nemaha County Step Foundation that helps us with fundraising and maintaining financial contributions online. Your donation through the link below is directed straight to our Seneca Free Library fund with no interference or handling fees by the Step Foundation. To ensure your loved one is properly memorialized, please be sure to enter their name and who is making the contribution in the “notes about my gift” section.

Donations made by cash or check may be delivered to the circulation desk in person or mailed to:

Seneca Free Library
606 Main St
Seneca, KS 66538

Questions, concerns, or specific instructions regarding any donation may be directed to or by calling 785-336-2377 during regular business hours.

Donation of Books or Other Materials

Seneca Free Library is happy to accept donation of books or other materials that may be of value to the library as a whole or to our patrons. Please deliver any and all donations to the circulation desk directly. Please DO NOT leave books or other donated materials unattended outside the front or back doors of the library.

Because of the risk of moisture damage that can lead to mold or mildew from precipitation, condensation, or humidity, the library cannot accept items that have been left unattended outside. Because of the risk of insect or other vermin infestation and contamination (especially with our proximity to the mill), the library cannot accept items that have been left unattended outside. Per library policy and protocol, items left unattended outside have to be disposed of instead of processed for donation purposes, regardless of their apparent condition.

If you have a large donation to deliver, please contact the librarian at the circulation desk for assistance. We will be happy to assist you in transferring your delivery to the main entrance for processing.