• Most materials  may be borrowed for a period of two weeks.
  • You may renew these materials two times, for a total check out time of six weeks.
  • New DVDs have a check out time of 7 days, no renewals.
  • New books can be checked out for 14 days, no renewals.
  • There is a limit of four videos DVDs per family. For all other materials, there is no limit once you have established yourself as a reliable patron.
  • Inter-library loans may be borrowed for a period determined by the loaning library.  Inter-library loans are materials such as books that can be borrowed from another library at the request of a patron. There is no charge to the patron.

The policy of the Seneca Free Library is for each patron to use only his or her library card for checking out materials. EXAMPLE: Joe Smith has a card and his girlfriend Jane Jones has a card. Joe CANNOT use Jane’s card to check out more items.COMPUTER POLICY

We have 8 public use computers, including a laptop with internet connection. The Library also has an early literacy station in the children’s section. This computer is designed for children ages 2~8 years old and is loaded with all kinds of learning games and activities.

There is no fee to use our computers, there is a charge of 20¢ per page for items printed. Patrons 18 years of age and older are free to use the computers, if the computers are full when you come in, ask a librarian if one can be made available for you.

Children between the ages 9 – 18 must have a valid library card with a note of parental permission on that account.  Parents or guardians will need to come into the library to sign a consent form, then we will post the note on the account.

Children under the age of eighteen, who do not have their own library card, must have a parent present in the Library when they use the internet.