Opening a new account @ SFL

thumbnail.aspxTo open an account in the NEXT system at the Seneca Free Library, you need to be at least 9 years of age,  have a photo identification and proof of current residential address. Yes, that is two separate forms of ID. Proof of address could be a utility bill, insurance papers, or tax papers with your current address printed on it.

We do check to make sure people are not already in the shared catalog system. You do not need a new account if you are moving here from another system library. If that account is not in good standing, fines due or long overdue books, the patron will need to settle with that library before they we can update the account and check out to them.

Children between the ages of 9- 18 children need to have a parent or guardian present to give permission for them to get a card and be guarantor for the account. When the parent has an account, we attach the child’s account to theirs. The parent’s account must be in good standing.

When you sign for your child to get a library card, you agree to be responsible for replacement fees for lost or damaged materials.

Your library card

Once you have your library card, please bring it with you each time you come to the library. You receive 2 library cards, the smaller one can be placed on a key ring, if you wish.  Our patron base is online with more than 50 other libraries, we are sure to check out on your account if you have your card.

If you do not have your library card, a photo ID will need to be presented.

A lost library card can be replaced for a fee of $1.00 each time.

Protect your account

Protect your account by keeping your card safe and reporting a lost or stolen immediately.

Overdue Charges

We do not currently charge fines for overdue items.

The NEXT system will automatically disbar patrons if materials are 35 days or more overdue. This means no library services – including using computers, faxes, checkouts, renewals, copies, etc – until materials are returned or paid for.