Music Garden is Officially Open!

A ribbon cutting was held Thursday, June 27 to officially open the Music Garden at the Seneca Free Library. The Music Garden is a project that began in January 2018 with a few thoughts and a big dream. The library staff with much help from Kylee Luckeroth, Chamber of Commerce director, held an Alice in Wonderland mystery dinner in April as a way to raise funds and promote the idea. The library received funds from the Chamber of Commerce & Downtown Impact JOBS grant. Major donors to the project
include Nancy Gafford, Christa Swisher, Community National Bank, Northeast Kansas Arts Foundation, Inc., Kayla’s Sunrise Color Run, and the Nemaha County STEP Foundation. A big thanks goes to the City of Seneca crew for all the labor involved in unloading the instruments, storing them, pouring the concrete pad, and “planting” the instruments.

Just before July 4, 2018 the instruments were all packed and ready to ship to Kansas. Over the holiday weekend a fire destroyed a major part of the factory where the instruments were made and stored. All of the instruments had to be remade and did not arrive until late fall. It was far too late in the season to begin work on this outdoor project. The instruments spent the winter in the city shop. As you know, the spring rain has spoiled many plans. But, finally the week of June 17 the rain let up enough that the city crew could get to work. The Music Garden is for the whole community. Our hope is that it will provide enjoyment and spark creativity for years to come. The garden is dedicated to the child in all of us.


Our Alice in Wonderland Mystery Dinner fundraiser in April of 2018 for the Music Garden was a hit and very successful. We’ve had a lot of fun bringing this garden to our community. 


Build a Space Craft Contest

Our Summer Reading theme this year is A Universe of Stories, a space theme to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the  greatest achievement in space; going to the moon.  So we decided to host a contest inviting our young patrons to build space craft. It could be human space craft or alien space craft. We had some of both come in. You need to stop in to see them before July 4th. If you can’t make it in, here are pictures that will have to do.

Our largest category was K-1st grade…

Main Street Music Garden

Where is the Music Garden?

The City Crew was here first thing Monday morning , June 17, to install our Music Garden. The end is in sight, folks! We are so excited. No word on when we will get to play in the garden, but to see it coming together is a beautiful thing. We will keep you posted on progress. Please be careful

Build-a-SpaceCraft Contest

What is a space theme without a few space crafts in the orbit?

This summer we thought it would be fun to have a SpaceCraft Building Contest. Age categories are K~1st grade, 2nd~3rd grades, 4th~5th grades, and 6th grade on up. Please use the grade just completed. Judging will take place June 27. Have family discussions and research, stop in to pick up a copy of the Official Rules, there is a size limit and other restrictions. Then have fun building the ultimate space craft! We can’t wait to see what you create!


Program and Story Time Etiquette

Library programs are often a child’s first “live performance” experience. Participating in a story time or enjoying a program is different than watching TV or a movie. At these programs and story time, the behavior of the audience can positively or negatively affect the program. A good audience allows the presenter to deliver the best presentation possible. Parents and caregivers are role models for their children and set the example for behavior.

 With this in mind, we request that parents and caregivers follow these important etiquette guidelines to ensure a valuable and pleasant program experience for all.

Program and Story Time Etiquette

  1. Please discuss proper behavior with your children before coming to the library program so they will know what is expected of them. For story time, practice reading to them in your lap at home.
  2. Please arrive on time. Late-comers create a distraction and draw attention away from the program. Allow extra time for parking, book browsing, visiting and bathroom breaks beforehand.
  3. Snacks, drinks and toys may be disruptive. Please put them away when you arrive at the library. Cell phones should be turned off or to vibrate.
  4. At programs/story time, children should sit with or near their parent/caregiver or on their lap so they will learn to focus and sit still.
  5. Adults model good library behavior for their children by being attentive, good listeners. Adults are encouraged to participate in songs and finger plays as an example for their children.
  6. If your child becomes disruptive or fussy during the program, please remove them from the program area until they are comfortable, calm and ready to listen.
  7. If you feel your child is not enjoying the program or you must leave, please do so in the least disruptive manner.
  8. If the story time experience proves difficult for your child, a month or two in your child’s development may make a big difference in their readiness for stories. Please practice at home and try again.
  9. There is ample space for stroller and wagons outside the building. Please do not bring them into the Community Room.
  10. Thank you for your help in making our programs enjoyable for everyone!

 Copied and edited from Carbondale Public Library, IL

June Quilt Class Set

The June quilt class will be a T-Shirt quilt! This is a Beginner – Intermediate level class. So, gather up those special t-shirts and make a keepsake quilt that will be treasured for years.

Who: Susan Mitchell, Instructor

What: Beginner to Intermediate level quilt class using T-shirts you’ve been collecting and don’t want to throw away.

When: Thursday June 27 6:00~9:oo PM and continues on Saturday June 29 from 10:00 AM~4:00 PM

Where: Seneca Free Library Community Room

Class Costs: $30.00 (includes pattern if applicable)

Receive 10% discount at Seneca Variety, downtown Seneca, on fabric and notions for these classes

Enroll and pay at Seneca Free Library or Seneca Variety