Changes in the Children’s Area @ the Library

Reno Day Jan2015 001 Reno Day Jan2015 002 Reno Day Jan2015 004 Reno Day Jan2015 005 Reno Day Jan2015 006 Reno Day Jan2015 007 Reno Day Jan2015 008 Reno Day Jan2015 009 Reno Day Jan2015 011 Reno Day Jan2015 012We were closed Monday January 26 to make changes to the children’s area. We were so excited to get started that we didn’t take ‘before’ or ‘during’ photos. Here are the ‘after’ photos. What do you think? We have rearranged to make it more family and user friendly. No longer are the DVD racks the first thing children seen when they enter the Library.

We are not finished yet! We took down the paper race track for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, can you guess what are plans are for that? Don’t worry, we kept track of which marker everyone at was on the road. Mostly for now we are going to enjoy the change and take our time deciding just how we want to use all this open area!

We would like to send heartfelt thanks to some people who helped make it all possible. To Carla Hajek for helping us with our vinyl letters and signage, Lynn and Gail Lierz for drawing a floor plan, and the crews from Fairview Mills and City of Seneca who provided manpower to move the shelves. We appreciate all of your support.