Summer Reading in the Zone has begun.  Welcome to Reader Zone! Get ready for an easy, paperless way to keep track of books your children read this summer. You can download the app or you can log into Reader Zone on any PC. Pretty cool, right? To use Reader Zone you will need a unique code that is only for Seneca Library patrons. You can find the code on our Facebook page and our website, or you can call us. Parents can add all children on the same app. This makes it easy to keep track of books read, hours read, and how far along each reader is towards the goal. Along the way readers will receive awards when they reach 25%, 50%, 75%, and then 100% of the goal. The library will be able to see each reader’s stats and know when goals are reached. We have a different reward system this summer and we will tell you all about it when you reach a goal!

We have three levels in Reader Zone for you to choose from. The levels were inspired by our summer theme, “Imagine Your Story”. Level one is Gerald’s Gnome Club for those from birth to age 5. Readers in this category need to read at least 20 books during the program. The next group, Gerald’s Tall Tales Club is for those ages 6 – 11 and has a goal of 20 books. The last group, Gerald’s Legends, is for those ages 12 – 18 and requires 8 hours, which is 480 minutes. Reader Zone has a timer that can be set while a child reads or parents can keep track and add minutes manually. Clear as mud? If you have a 10 year old who wants to read by hours, that is great. As a parent you have the opportunity to decide with your reader which level to record them in. The three levels are designated levels from the State Library for statistical purposes – the library police will not be checking your child’s age.

Because we can’t have people in our community room in June we can’t have live programs. We are very sad about this; this is not how we imagined our summer at all. Dee will be reading stories on Facebook live and we will post our schedule soon. You can mark your “attendance” for story time in Reader Zone also. We will list the story time date and book title in Reader Zone with a different code from the reading levels. Readers have 10 days to listen to the story live and record attendance and record the book as one read on the reading log.

We will have many craft grab bags during June. The bags will contain most ingredients for a story time craft (you might need a little tape or glue from home) along with simple directions. Grab a bag and make a cool gnome, hairy troll, community hero wind chime, or a sparkly crown! Bags will be limited to one per child in the preschool age range. Ask the librarians for all the details.

There will be some grab bags for our ART/STEM patrons also, including kites and mermaids. Ask at the library for all of the details.  Super fun from the library!