Summer Projects Need Your Help!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Weekend Warriors, Families of Graduates, and Mother’s Day Diners… we need your help again! Our pickle predicament is almost resolved, but another project calls. We need 6″ diameter plastic food container lids similar to the example shown. Like the jars, the brand and actual contents aren’t important, but the general size and shape are what we’re after (the example just happens to be a 48 oz potato salad lid as an example). With so many receptions, barbecues, and Mother’s Day dinners coming up this weekend we figure now’s the time to ask!

If you manage to rescue some of these lids from a fate in the dumpster, drop them off at the circulation desk during regular hours and we’ll be happy to take them off your hands. Thanks again for all your help! The pickle jar response has been fantastic (we can still use just a few more 24 oz jars to fill our order and maintain a couple of spares just in case)! You’ve all come through for us in a spectacular way and we greatly appreciate it!