Ramp Walkers @ STEM January 2018

For STEM in January 2018 4th -6th graders from the community discovered how to work with gravity, while making old-fashioned RAMP WALKERS. Budding engineers displayed attentiveness to instructions and were able to apply what they learned to create their very own RAMP WALKERS.


3 Examples of Ramp Walkers
Balance/ Weight/ Gravity/ Incline are the factors to consider when wanting a successful walker.
Even the instructor needs to tweek the factors to be successful.
Our first working created RAMP WALKER was a great example of balancing (pun intended) all necessary elements.
Success # 2.
Building the walkers.
Eyeballing, is it even?
Clipping the dowel rod can be tricky.
Success # ??? Each one is worth celebrating!
Now for the next design, you can’t stop at one!
Creativity with precision.
Did we mention measuring was an important part of this exercise?
In STEM M stands for math and ,in this case, measuring!
Measuring, looking for accuracy.
Find the middle of the stick, is this the middle?
Finding the perfect center of the stick was crucial for establishing the center of gravity.
Choice and preference of different materials made each RAMP WALKER a unique design.
Attention to details is necessary.
Balancing the weight on either end of the stick was crucial.
Let’s try this out while no one is looking. Surprise!
Success with design 2.
Let’s tweak it.
Maybe if we add a stabilizing rod in the center of the incline?