Seneca Free Library does not charge fines for overdue materials; that does not mean overdue items are consequence free. Library items are accessible to all. When items do not get returned, the rest of us are denied the opportunity to use them. Kansas law states items 30 days or more overdue can be considered theft, which is a misdemeanor. The Seneca Free Library Board of Trustees updated the overdue policy December 16, 2020. Patrons will be notified in writing when an item is 21 days overdue. At 35 days overdue our circulation software will automatically disbar the patron. If an item is still overdue at 45 days it will be automatically marked lost.The only way to remove the blocked status is to return the items and/or pay the replacement cost(s). POLICY CHANGE: If an item becomes 46 days overdue the patron will automatically be assessed a $20.00 fee that is non-negotiable. Even if the items are returned, the fee must be paid. Please, bring your items back on time.