Please Save These for the Library


We are busy making plans for summer time fun for our young patrons. If your family consumes oatmeal or Pringles, please save the cartons/cans for the library.

We would prefer the larger (42oz) oatmeal containers. We need the lids for both projects too.

We are sharing recipes for oatmeal and Pringles to help our patrons use more of these products over the next couple of months.

Once we get enough of the items we need, we will start discussing plans for an exercise club.

Do you have an oatmeal recipe we can share? Or maybe one for Pringles?

I found a recipe for chocolate covered Pringles on Pinterest!! If you try an ‘exotic’ flavor of Pringles, please be sure to send along a review of the different flavors you try.

Apple Crisp recipe