How to Take Care of Library Books

How to Take Care of Library Books

  • Clean your hands before reading your book.
  • Never write, scribble, glue, cut, or tear pages of a book.
  • Save your place with a bookmark, not my folding a page.
  • Turn pages by carefully using the top corner of the book.
  • Carry your book in a book bag to keep it safe.
  • Put your book in a safe place at home, away from babies and pets.
  • Check out the book Penelope Popper, Book Doctor by Toni Buzzeo  from the Library

*******************************************************HHow to Behave in the Library

  • Have good manners.
  • Please use your inside voice when in the library!
  • No gum, food, or drink!
  • Please get mom or dad to help you clean up!
  • No running in the library!
  • Share the books, tablets, and toys with everyone.
  • If you’re finished with a book put it on top of the shelves and we will put it away for you.
  • You need to stay with mom and/or dad when in the library. Don’t let them get lost!
  • Benches are for sitting on.
  • Please don’t run or jump on our furniture.
  • Please take care of the library books!
  • If you need help finding a book please ask a librarian. They are more then happy to help you!



Library programs are often a child’s first “live performance” experience. Participating in a story time  or enjoying a program is different than watching TV or a movie. At these programs and story time, the behavior of the audience can positively or negatively affect the program. A good audience allows the presenter to deliver the best presentation possible. Parents and caregivers are role models for their children and set the example for behavior.

With this in mind, we request that parents and caregivers follow these important etiquette guidelines to ensure a valuable and pleasant program experience for all.

Program and Story Time Etiquette

  1. Please discuss proper behavior with your children before coming to the library program so they will know what is expected of them. For story time, practice reading to them in your lap at home.
  2. Please arrive on time. Late-comers create a distraction and draw attention away from the program. Allow extra time for parking, book browsing, visiting and bathroom breaks beforehand.
  3. Snacks, drinks and toys may be disruptive. Please put them away when you arrive at the library. Cell phones should be turned off or to vibrate.
  4. At programs/story time, children should sit with or near their parent/caregiver or on their lap so they will learn to focus and sit still.
  5. Adults model good library behavior for their children by being attentive, good listeners. Adults are encouraged to participate in songs and finger plays as an example for their children.
  6. If your child becomes disruptive or fussy during the program, please remove them from the program area until they are comfortable, calm and ready to listen.
  7. If you feel your child is not enjoying the program or you must leave, please do so in the least disruptive manner.
  8. If the story time experience proves difficult for your child, a month or two in your child’s development may make a big difference in their readiness for stories. Please practice at home and try again.
  9. There is ample space for stroller and wagons outside the building. Please do not bring them into the Community Room.
  10. Thank you for your help in making our programs enjoyable for everyone!

Copied and edited from Carbondale Public Library, IL