Meeting of the Library Chapter of PWTPIAPS

The inaugural meeting of the Seneca Free Library chapter of PWTPIAPS  was held in the Library Community Room on September 26. If you are now sorry you missed this gathering, fear not, we are planning on holding this event quarterly. This is a very casual meeting, we share, we eat, we enjoy good company. And we ask questions about the secrets to the wonderful dishes.
Follow our Facebook page and check the website regularly so you’ll know when the next PWTPIAPS meeting will be held. And for more wonderful pie ideas and tips. When we find a good pie video on Facebook, we like to share it. You’re welcome.




Beef Hand Pies
Tomato Tart
Apricot Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Chicken Pot Pie
Sausage & Spinach Pie



Why, People Who Think Pie Is A Perfect Supper, duh!

The inaugural meeting of this chapter will be Tuesday September 26 at 7:00 pm at the Library.

If you believe pie to be a perfect supper, then please join us. Admission is a PIE. Any kind of PIE. We are not persnickety.

We are not looking to judge your pie on appearance, but reserve the right to comment freely on filling and flavor.

So bring on your best cream pie, fruit pie, nutty pie or meat pie, savory and sweet pies are welcome.

Plates and forks will be provided and our Keurig brewing machine will be on hand for drinks, or you can bring your own non-alcoholic drink.

 If you have a pie server, you might bring that with you. This is a great time to try a new recipe you’ve been eyeing.

Not sure where to start? The Library has several PIE cookbooks. Yes, entire books devoted to PIE.

Definition of pie

1 :a meat dish baked with biscuit or pastry crust

2 :a dessert consisting of a filling (as of fruit or custard) in a pastry shell or topped with pastry or both

from Merriam-Webster