Little Things You Can Do To Help You

These suggestions really are helpful, if you take the time to add our contact information to your devices and accounts.

Add our phone number, 785-336-2377, to the contacts list on your phone. We aren’t always able to leave a message when we call about the books or movies waiting here for you. At least you will know who the missed call is from.  Our policy states that holds need move on after one week. If we can’t leave a message, how will you know your item is here?

Do you have an online account set up yet? It doesn’t take long and there is so much you can do online; look to see what you have checked out, renew items that are not already due, search our catalog and place items on hold. Your online account also gives you access to free digital magazines through FLIPSTER. There is a nice selection of magazines for all interests and ages. Look for yourself, next time you log in.

Also, add these email addresses to your account: and, so that any email messages from us don’t get lost in spam-land.

You now have the option to sign up for text messages for hold or item due notices. If you have signed up and are not receiving text messages, mention it to us next time you are in, we’ll try to fix it for you.

If you have opted to receive emails and are not getting notices from us, let us know and we will get that sorted out for you, too.