Library Closing Updated 3/19/20

3.24/2020 Nothing has really changed for our patrons. We are still closed. The drop box is still closed and not back in place.  * Inside we are a jumbled mess. Not just because we miss all our patrons, but because the carpet guy is going full steam ahead. * The good thing is nothing has left the building, so we will eventually find it all back and put it in it’s place. We hope. * We’ve been busy cleaning the shelves, removing dust and dirt while they are empty. We plan to rearrange some things, so not everything will go back exactly where it was, and that will take time to work through. * We’ve been advised to quarantine items as they are returned to us. The Community Room will be used for that space, but first we have to clear out everything we moved over there when the carpet guy arrived. * Remember when we said it is like the story “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie”? We meant it. * The best way to reach us now is by email at: * We hope you are all well and are practicing social distancing. We hope you have been able to access our online resources, if you need something to read.

3/23/2020 How are you today? Our world continues to spin out of control, our control. Today’s updates: As of 4:00 pm Tuesday March 24 we will no longer check items in or out. * Library due dates have been extended to May. * We will let you know when we are ready for you to return the items you have checked out. Keep them in a safe place, but remember where that safe place is. * The drop box is still unavailable * Patrons can contact us by email at * We post often on Facebook and Instagram and, as you already know, since you are here, our website. * Thanks for checking in. * Stay safe and wash your hands!


3/20/2020 Our status is that we are now closed until further notice as advised by state and national organizations. *  As we posted yesterday, if you place a HOLD online, we will pull the items you want and check them out to you when you come up to the door. * Right now our drop box is not available. It’s been pulled away from the wall so the carpet layer can put down carpet in that spot. * We’ve added instruction videos to our Facebook page and in another post on our website. * Though we are closed, one or two of us will be at the library to answer the phone, check emails and Facebook messages, and check the HOLDS list, Monday thru Friday 10~4. *

3/19/2020 The hold feature is live again! Here are the facts:
1. You can only place a hold on items we own and that are currently in the library. Please check the status of items you want. If it is in transit or at another library right now, it will not be available until after April 5, at the earliest.
2. Any item checked out right now has a due date extended through April 20. Don’t worry about getting items back right now.
3. Items checked out right now and returned to us will be held in quarantine and won’t be accessible for some time.
4. Items can only be picked up between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm weekdays. No Saturday service.
5. Please allow us time to process your request. Don’t come until you have received an email, phone call, or text notifying you that your item is ready.
6. Item(s) will be checked out and brought to the door, no one is allowed into the library. You may need to call 785-336-2377 because we might not see you come up the sidewalk.
7. Wear your catcher’s mitt so you can catch your items when we throw them. Just kidding. But, seriously, don’t breathe on us.
8. Call if you have questions.
9. We miss you and we don’t like this anymore than you do.

3/18/2020 Our courier delivery service has been suspended until April 5. So any holds you have on your account coming from another library will not be arriving until after that date. If your hold is here already, give us a call, we can meet you at the door and get it to you.

Most libraries in our area are closed, so holds will not be filled anyway. But also know that the regional office has changed the due date of items already checked out. Don’t fret about returning items. We don’t charge over due fines.

BREAKING NEWS: The library will close at 8:00 pm this evening, March 17. We will remain closed through March 23 at which time we will reevaluate the situation. The Board of Trustees has made the decision based on information from the State of Kansas and American Library Association.

We know this is inconvenient and we do not take closing lightly.
Items on hold can be picked up. You will need to call us and let us know you are coming and we will meet you at the door.

All of our digital services are available.
We can help get you set up with hoopla, Libby, and Flipster so that you have entertainment in the palm of your hand.
Our WiFi is free and can be accessed from the curb or parking along the east side of the building.
Call us, we want to help you. 336-2377.