We enjoyed the Eclipse at the Library!

We closed the Library for a couple of hours so we could all enjoy watching the eclipse together.  We had a few people join us on the lawn.

We managed to remember to take a few pictures while watching the ‘show’.

A young family from the Kansas City area joined us on the lawn.





Pictures from our neighborhood.


It got dark enough! We were cheering and could hear others around town applauding too.


The eclipse wasn’t the only thing to watch that day. This little guy was happy with the acorn and sticks he found too.







photo courtesy of Fred Espenak ,  www.eclipsewise.com

Have you heard about the 2017 Eclipse?

It’s happening Monday August 21 and Seneca is in the path to experience the total eclipse!!

 We will be closed during the event, from 11:30 to 2:30ish, August 21  to enjoy the celestial wonder. We hope those of you who have to work all day can grab a quick lunch or your trusty PB&J and come join us for the fun.  We can even write an excuse for your boss if you’re late back from lunch. We will have a limited supply of glasses for those who do join us on the lawn.