How to Make the Most of Your HOOPLA Account

Hoopla has a new feature, Curiosity Stream. Curiosity Stream is a subscription streaming service that provides thousands of documentaries in movie and TV show formats. Now you don’t have to pay for the service, you can access it free with your library card. Documentaries are available in many areas including science, nature, people, history, and more. With titles such as Secret Life of Legos, Packing for Mars, The Woodstock Bus, Bucket List Australia, The Real Mary Poppins, and Chocolate Perfection, you are bound to find plenty to entertain and educate yourself. Not to worry, hoopla is not just for your smartphone and tablet, you can watch hoopla content on your smart TV. You can access hoopla by downloading the app to your TV or through Roku. On your phone or tablet you access Curiosity Stream, hoopla magazines, and the Great Courses are found in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen with the More button. 

Listening to hoopla audiobooks and music in your car is easy too.Most newer vehicles support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. You will need to download the appropriate app to your phone before taking off. Once connected, either with your cable or wirelessly, you can operate hoopla with the in-dash display screen. In older models you may still have to control hoopla via your phone screen. Questions about hoopla? Be sure to check in with your librarians for answers.