Drop Box Troubles

Baby it’s cold outside! And inside too, when our drop box flap, lid, door, [whatever that thing is called] cannot close completely because books are blocking it.

The first picture shown below is the opening fully closed, taken from outside the library. This is what you want to watch for when you drop your books into the box. The second photo below is taken from inside the library. As you can see, a lot of COLD air can get through that opening, and into the library. This is not good for our heating system.

Please make sure that items are completely inside the drop box. When an item is not all the way through it leaves a gap where cold air, snow, and sleet can get inside the drop box. Snow and sleet melt into water, which is not book friendly.

Parents please talk with your child about how to properly return items in the book drop and remind yourself to make sure you get the flap closed all the way too.

Thank you for your help.

Flap closed. This is good. Watch to make sure the flap is closed before walking away, please.
Flap open. This is NOT good. Even if it is open a little, damage can be done to books, movies and cool down inside the library. Please make sure the flap is CLOSED before walking away.