And That’s A Wrap, Summer Reading 2022

Inky could give you a BIG hug now! Look at how long those arms are now!

This was the first picture we took of Inky back in May.

We had 171 readers sign up to read this summer and 50 finish the program by coming in to collect their certificate and the Ice Cream Party invitation. 1,733 books were read by those 11 and under. Those choosing to read by hours recorded over 106 hours or 6,403 minutes. What an amazing group of readers we have. We had 10 readers join the Bonus Round and logged in more impressive numbers.

This is the most we’ve had sign up for several years. We were excited to have the live programs in our Community Room again this year. It’s like we are back to normal or something. It was great.

We had a great time decorating for the Oceans of Possibilities theme this summer and, surprisingly, they still look pretty good. Children have enjoyed looking at our creative work all summer. We only hope we can meet our high standards next year when the theme is All Together Now.