Library Board News

This is the table in our Kansas Room where our board meets the third Wednesday of each month.

In Library Board news: The following four library board members retired in April after serving their full terms: Brenda Mee, Mary Haug, Lacey Frehe, and Matt Lueger. The library staff appreciates their dedication and willingness to serve. Thank you!

The four new board trustees will be Cathy Enneking, Paula Kohlman, Jackie Deters, and James Lueger. They attended their first meeting Wednesday May 16. Election of officers was also held. Cathy Enneking will be Chairperson; Paul Boeding, Vice-Chair; Paula Kohlman, Secretary and James Lueger, Treasurer. Andy Strathman and Barbara Vitt fill out the board. Welcome and thank you for joining our team!

We didn’t get pictures, so you will need to imagine our board members around the table.