1000 Books Before Kindergarten Reading Program


Reading together helps develop important reading skills that provide a solid reading foundation – a key to success for children when they start school. We want to encourage parents to take every chance they have to read with their preschool children, tell and talk about stories, say nursery rhymes, sing songs and visit the library.

This is why we are so excited to start our new 1000 BOOKS BEFORE KINDERGARTEN reading program. Come in and ask us any questions you have. Then sign up your child and we will add his or her car to those already on the wall. There is no beginning or end, at this time, to this program. Start your child at any age before kindergarten.

You will receive a packet of 6×6 Ready to Read cards explaining the 6 literacy skills every child needs to learn before reaching 6 years of age.  You will also take home a calendar to help you track the titles of the books you read OR make a tally mark on the day to note how many books you’ve read. Each time your child has heard 100 books, bring in the documentation and we’ll move their car down the road to success.

It doesn’t matter who reads to your child, a sibling, grandparent, caregiver or preschool teacher, make a note on your calendar. AND it doesn’t matter if it is the same book 1,000 times! We know children have favorite books and stories. The goal is for children to have quality time with their loved ones and books, the skills will follow!

The 6 by 6 program was developed by members of the Johnson County Kansas library staff.

If you’d like to visit their website to learn even more click on the peacock.